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Historic Urban Plans Word Cloud For those who don’t know our URL, Historic Urban Plans is found online using a wide range of search words, from the broad to the specific. “Antique city plan” and “maps for sale” are common, as is the straightforward “old maps.” But those looking for something specific during the latter part of 2014 used an interesting mix of terms, such as map-makers (“Currier and Ives,” “Louis Prang”), cities (“Washington DC,” “Constantinople,” “Montreal”), and dates (“1754,” “1820,” “1892”). Certain eras were of interest (“Spanish Colonial”), as was the entire world (“Eastern and Western Hemispheres”).

The size of the terms in this word cloud created using these expressions indicates the frequency of their use. And these terms correlate to the most popular maps sold late last year – John Melish’s influential 1820 map of the United States and Abbé Delegrive’s detailed plan of Paris’s Ile de la Cité in 1754 are two examples. Of course, you can browse our catalog for the historic map that you like best. Or consider buying a favorite city plan as a gift for a friend or colleague. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be worth searching for.