Permission To Use

Permission policy: We are routinely asked for permission to use an image, or part of one, from our collection by writers, set decorators, artists, publishers and others. We can grant permission to use our images if (1) we own, or have owned in the past, the original from which the facsimile was made or (2) the original is from the Library of Congress. In the event that the original image came from a source other than our collection or the Library of Congress (for example, the New York Public Library or Amon Carter Museum of Western Art in Ft. Worth), permission cannot be granted and you will be referred to the institution holding the original.

Submitting a request: All requests must be in writing, either by contacting us at P.O. Box 276, Ithaca, New York, 14851, USA or by email at Direct your request to the manager, Julee Johnson. In your correspondence, list the map(s) you wish to use, general information about your project (e.g., if it’s a book, the title, author, publisher, publication date, print run and subject summary; if it’s for a film, the name, director, producer, studio, actors, rating, release date and subject summary) and state how the map(s) will be specifically used in your project (e.g., illustrating an historical event in a journal article; background in a scene taking place in a lawyer’s office).

Fee: There is no fee for permission requests for non-profit or educational purposes. We do require, however, that “Historic Urban Plans, Inc., Ithaca, NY” be acknowledged in the credits or listed as the publisher. Requests for commercial use are charged a fee of $50.00 per map.

Where to find our images in books, articles and films (a partial list):

As set decoration in films:

As illustrations in books and articles:

  • Symonds, Dominic and Taylor, Millie, Studying Musical Theatre, Palgrave MacMillan, 2014: New York 1755
  • Hack, Gary; Birch, Eugenie; Sedway, Paul H. and Silver, Mitchell, Eds., Local Planning: Contemporary Principles and Practice (Chinese Edition), International City/County Management Association, 2013: Boston 1769, Philadelphia 1776
  • Jones, Kevin F., Due Unto: the Denmark Vesey Story, CreateSpace, 2013: Charleston 1788
  • Stephenson, Neal, The Confusion (Audio Edition, Cover Illustration), Brilliance Audio, 2012: Versailles 1746
  • Foley, Dermot, “The Relationship between Landscape Representation and Landscape Design,” RIBA Journal of Architecture, February 2012: Versailles 1746


  • Michelin Travel Publications, Michelin Must Sees: The Caribbean, 2005: West Indies 1688
  • South Carolina Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Wayside panel at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, 2004: Atlantic Ocean 1650
  • WGBH – Boston, National Park Service, Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, 2004: New England 1780