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Reproductions of antique maps, plans and panoramic views fascinate and delight the eye, whether you're an artist, historian, planner, cartographer, geographer or just someone who loves maps.

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In 2014 Historic Urban Plans celebrates 50 years of offering museum-quality reproductions of antique world maps, city plans, sea charts and birds-eye views for the discerning map enthusiast.

Originals of these images – when available – are expensive and often unavailable to the private collector. Initially the maps in our catalog were reproduced from originals in the private collection of the company’s first owner, John W. Reps.

The current owner, Prof. Michael A. Tomlan, continues to offer hundreds of maps and views, working wih collections from museums, historical societies and art galleries to publish cartographically important maps that are informative, educational and decorative.

Our goal is to make the widest possible variety of maps, plans and views available at a price affordable to the new collector, educator and dedicated student of history, art and cartography.

Enter our online catalog to see the range of our offerings — city plans and panoramas, world and regional maps, sailing charts, landscapes, street scenes — and to place an order. Welcome!

Detail from Abramham Ortelius's New World map of 1570

Abramham Ortelius's New World map of 1570

A detail of Florida from Nicholas de Fer's 1705 map of the Gulf Coast

A detail of Florida from Nicholas de Fer's 1705 map of the Gulf Coast

News and Events

Miami International Map Fair

07 February 2014

A spectacular annual event, the Miami International Map Fair draws dozens of dealers from around the country and the world to exhibit during three days in early February. Held at HistoryMiami, the city's premier museum dedicated to Florida history, culture, and education. One of the lectures taking place during the Map Fair highlights the work of William G. DeBrahm, a German engineer who undertook the first scientific survey of the southern coast in the mid-1700s and completed the survey of Florida in 1775. Historic Urban Plans offers DeBrahm's 1757 survey of South Carolina and Georgia in a single sheet, reduced in size from the 4-sheet original in the collection of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts at Old Salem Museum. For more information about the Map Fair and HistoryMiami, visit www.historymiami.org.